BA002 Finished

This post is a little delayed as this guitar was finished well before Christmas but moving the site to a new server, the Christmas and New Year break has delayed this a little.

BA002 is my second real home built guitar, there is nothing unique or ground breaking about this one, it was built to test some stuff out and fill a hole in my guitars that was missing. I’ve now sold all my Floyd Rose trem based guitars as they just where not getting used and didn’t really fit my style any more, however I founded I do actually need a Floyd Rose based guitar every now and then, so this guitar got built. The body is a 63 strat replica (I’ve discovered I really like the true vintage style/shape and weight¬†62/63 strats) made from a medium alder single slab. it’s vintage accurate in spec, however, I had it routed for a Floyd Rose trem system, no cut away under the bridge, just two pivot points. The body had a true vintage sunburst put on (more yellow than orange) which turned out quite well but had a few flaws in it, so I relic’d it it’s easier to gig a guitar once it has that first knock in it, so this has the first knock put in for me. The pickups are a bare knuckle set, not my normal custom winds, but a much rockier, agressive output set.

BA002 up front and finished

The pickup combo is two cream BK Mother Milk pickups in the neck and middle position, with a BK “The Mule” humbucker in cream and black zebra in the bridge position, in a standard 5 way strat setup with CTS pots. As this guitar had a Floyd on and was made for rock, it needed a little more grunt behind it and a humbucker bridge is a good option (a nicer option than the Sambora Strats I got rid of).

The neck is amazing, it’s a flamed maple standard 63 neck profile, drilled out for a Floyd Rose nut. The neck is totally unfinished and is one of the nicest necks I’ve played. As this guitar was a bit of a trial setup, I put an ebony fingerboard on with clay markers. WOW, I’ve¬† played ebony boards before with various levels of results, but this one is good, it’s smooth and fast and very comfortable but not harsh on the tone, it’s a real change from my prefered Brazilian Rosewood, and not something I’ll be doing again but it is a one off and a great result. The neck has my 2 point truss road design in it as with BA001, but it doesn’t make enough of a difference to warrent the extra work so I’m dumping that from this point on. The neck is really a work of art, thanks to my Guitar tech Andy Manners as I just didn’t do this justice when I tried.

BA002 Back

The tuners are stock Fender USA standard strat, nothing magical there. The bridge is a Floyd Rose original USA trem, nothing special about it, but my setup is a bit odd, well for me. I always use 5 springs on the trem to lock it down, it gives sustain. This one is different, as I need it to float, 5 stprints was too much to make it sit comfortable and was too agressive on the release of a note, so I’ve scaled it back to 3 springs and it works great. This guitar is a real odd ball for me it’s not the sort of thing I like and was built out of need rather than desire with options I normally would not go for, but some how, it works and a fantastic guitar has been made, I’ve found myself playing and jamming with it over my favourite gutiars at time, it will never replace them but it’s a great instrument and end result. My only wish is that I hadn’t put the Floyd Rose on it, as I hate them and I feel this ruins what has ended up as a great guitar, but that said this guitar wouldn’t have come about if I didn’t need a Floyd Rose, and who knows, maybe one of the reasons it just works is down to the Floyd Rose. Either way, I’m really happy with it.

Friday, January 21st, 2011 Gear
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