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After a lull away from the blog I’ve been spending time building up my amp sounds and I’ve got a pretty good setup now.

Two Rock and Zilla cabs, my main amp

Two Rock and Zilla cabs, my main amp

I’m using my Two Rock Custom Reverb Signature amp with 2 Zilla custom made 2 x 12 cabs. The cabs are both loaded with Celestion Gold speakers and vintage 1979 Celestion G12-65 speakers, which gives a fantastic sound, super clean and very chiming sound with a very warm bottom end response. When driving the amp the tonal range is superb from being able to keep clarity of the notes through break up to quite a driven sound that is unforgiving as the compression is not there.

I can use one or both of these cabs, the interesting factor is micing them up, they are both open back cabs but with 2 different speakers the possibilities for mic positioning and use is quite big. The volume is also very controllable although driving the speakers at bellow 30watts doesn’t really bring them to life as strong as possible, 30- 50 watts seems to provide a sweet spot.

I’ve also been playing with the idea of a two amp setup, this is more for recording interest than live playing. I’ve been using a Zilla custom built 4 x 10 cab loaded with Celestion golds and a Fender Twin combo.The Fender is configured to have the mid-range quite high with a little trebble while the two rock provides a thick bottom end and a little bit of midrange, the two signals are then mixed.

two rock a twin in perfect hamony

two rock a twin in perfect harmony

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